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Good to know: Landindex is a Metaverse data analytics tool that helps businesses and investors to understand the value of the land at Metaverse.

It provides a comprehensive overview of land price, ownership, and investment across the different Metaverses including Decenterland, The Sandbox, Otherside, and many more leading virtual words.

Landindex gives users a complete overview of the Metaverse by showing all data in one place. The index shows Floor Price, Average Price, 1D Change, 7D Change, 30D Change, and Volume for each day with updates on Total Land count happening daily basis too. Not only does it show an aggregated view but also dives deep into the number of items and owners for each land providing valuable insights to its users.

Metaverse consists of a parallel digital universe, which is highly immersive and interactive. A well-coded technology allows users to create virtual identities to interact in the Metaverse

Landindex is a platform that makes the accurate information regarding the land available to the public in a concise manner in graphs, charts, and one-to-one comparisons. The information displayed will be updated with their manual API, which updates the price of NFTs constantly.

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