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Landindex Pro+ NFT
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What is the utility of the Landindex Pro+ NFT?
1. Pro+ pass allows use in all of landindex and its subsidiaries such as Landex. You get early and full access to all metaverse data, visualisations and detailed quarterly reports with a simple Metamask login.
2. The NFT will allow you into a closed Discord channel and mailing service. This will provide you with key notifications and minting/WL opportunities for relevant, vetted Metaverse projects.
3. The NFT will be a life-time purchase with no need to renew the membership once its kept in your wallet. It will also have a secondary market on OpenSea.
4. Landindex Raffle. It's free to join, and if you have a Landindex Pro+ NFT, it will automatically join the raffle everyday.
Who Should Buy the Landindex Pro+ NFT?
Digital real estate agents (Metaverse professionals), digital land retail investors (power-users), data-driven investors (institutions looking to enter the space).
Trusted Content / Industry Expertise / Easy Access / Find Metaverse data that matters within seconds.
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