Landindex Raffle

Join the Landindex raffle and have a chance to win a $20 USD prize every day

Landindex Raffle

  • Landindex is asking only two questions and after that everyone can join the raffle with their wallet.

  • The winners are announced every 24 hours, and the reward of $20 USDC is sent to them automatically via the Ethereum blockchain.

  • It's free to join, and if you have a Landindex Pro+ NFT, it will automatically join the raffle.

Landindex is introducing a new way to enter raffles.

It's transparent and legit, unlike others. With just two questions, you can join the raffle with your Ethereum wallet and send rewards of $20 USDC automatically every 24 hours to the winners.

How To Join Landindex Raffle and check winners, and participants in the raffle.

Landindex brought you the most transparent and legit raffle system ever. The best part is it’s free for all to join the raffle and get win a reward of $20 USDC every 24 hours. the rewards are sent automatically. let’s learn about it more!

Draw Entry:

To register click on the “draw” button on the landindex.io and sign in with your Ethereum wallet. Once you sign in the button show as registered. Now you have access to a “draw page” to learn more about the raffle and if you want make sure you are in.

Draw Winners List:

You can see the past winners list with their wallet addresses and draw dates. you can check your address also if not sure you win the raffle.

Draw Participant List:

You can check the participants with their wallet addresses and the date they join the raffle.

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