For Investors

Investors should use Landindex to get an understanding of the Metaverse market. By using Landindex investors can access all the data they need and compare it, so they can make informed decisions about investing in a virtual land or purchasing land outright.

For professional users, Landindex has launched its very own Genesis NFT Collection, granting holders special perks. These perks might be helpful for Digital Real Estate agents, digital land retailers, data-driven investors, etc. Some of the perks the NFTs offer are,

  1. Genesis pass allows use in all landindex and its subsidiaries, such as Landex. In addition, you get early and full access to all metaverse data, visualizations, and detailed quarterly reports with a simple Metamask login.

  2. The NFT allows you into a closed Discord channel and mailing service. This will provide critical notifications and minting/WL opportunities for relevant, vetted Metaverse projects.

  3. The NFT will be a lifetime purchase with no need to renew the membership once it is kept in your wallet. It will also have a secondary market on OpenSea.

Landindex can act as a one stop solution for analysis of $LAND in every aspect. It is also planning to launch a detailed report soon( 26–06–2022) which the users should look forward to.

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