What is Landindex/Landex?

Metaverse data analytics tool

Basic Features

Metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to create and experience their own unique stories. Landindex helps you understand the value of land in the Metaverse by providing a comprehensive overview of how each land is performing over time.
Metaverse Land Prices Tracker: helps you navigate, compare and plan around $LAND prices across many metaverses on Ethereum. There is very little resources on the internet right now to see all $LAND prices together: fixes this.
Metaverse Parcel Analytics Tool:
Navigate, list and compare all metaverse parcel prices by ETH floor prices across all maps. Decentraland, Sandbox, World Wide Webb and many more are listed at
Buy & Sell Land NFTs:
Buying land on the metaverse is the next decade's technology investment play. Metaverse NFTs on Ethereum are growing in rapid pace and helps you navigate this growing space.
Why Landex vs. Competition?
  • A robust infrastructure of manual APIs which update constantly through live NFT prices, without depending on third parties such as OpenSea.
  • Alternative-rich ways of securing data flow from multiple sources. Having two databases on two separate websites (Landex & Landindex) allows for redundancy and 100% uptime.
Data & Operation:
  • Landex will evolve more as a visualisation and mapping platform for various metaverses whilst Landindex acts as a price index and analysis tool. Both platforms by run the same experienced and cost-effective team that is involved in the space 24/7, updating the toolsuite according to the best practices in the NFT industry.